Marion Williamson - Veterinary Nursing Assistant

Marion joined the practice in July 2000 and is well known and highly regarded by many clients. She is an experienced veterinary nursing assistant and has contributed a great deal from her long association with veterinary practice.

She has a lovely Hungarian Vizsla, India, who many of you may have met on your local walks. She also has a sweet heart of a cat called Frieda (nicknamed Freaky Frieda, as she is easily startled!). Marion is a greatly valued member of our team with an encyclopedic knowledge of most of the animals registered at our practice!

Marion enjoys meeting the clients and will be glad to help you with any enquiries. She is sometimes also able to arrange dog and cat sitting and feeding. Please feel free to ask her about this. We usually also have contacts for a number of services of this sort on our notice board.

New arrivals can have fun and games, along with learning those very important social skills at our Puppy Parties, which are organised and run by Marion. This is a four-week course for puppies under 18 weeks of age giving puppies and their owners a good grounding. Call us for more details.

Please look at the Notice Board in the reception area for other useful information which we keep posted there.