The Best Content for Animal Lovers

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For most people out there, it’s hard to resist the magnetic pull that adorable animals have on us. What makes this abundantly clear are the thousands of random animal videos online that garner millions of views and the adoration of people across the globe. A similar thing can be seen with animals that aren’t exactly considered “cute” by most people’s standards. We’ve always had a fascination with the animal world, and no matter what shape or form it comes in, animal content always seems to do well. So, if you’re an animal lover looking to get your daily dose of animal-related entertainment, here’s where you can start.


Here’s a place you probably didn’t expect to see on this list. Online casinos have been getting increasingly popular lately and with good reason. Websites like NetBet casino host a massive collection of games that include both casino classics like Roulette and Poker, and modern themed-slots that are packed with exciting gameplay. What we’re going to be focusing on here are those modern slots we mentioned. The variety of themes you’ll find in these slots is incredible, but a fan-favorite theme you can’t miss with them is the animal theme!

Whether it be cute kittens, animated crocodiles, or fierce lions, online slot developers seem to be massive fans of our furry friends. The best thing about these games is that the animals aren’t just a one-off that appears from time to time, they’re incorporated into different elements of the game. From being showcased on the reels to dancing in the background, you’ll no doubt find an animal to aid you on your casino adventure.


For most people, the internet is a never-ending web of information that spans across every subject. For animal lovers, it’s a hub for the best animal videos in the world. Sure, animal documentaries on TV are incredibly informative, but nothing beats silly videos of cats and their little quirks. You can find top-notch animal content all across the internet, but the one place where adorable animals truly thrive is the video hosting platform YouTube!

YouTube has been around for over a decade now, and in that time it’s provided us with some of the most iconic animal videos of the 21st century. From cats doing ridiculous flips to dogs chasing invisible sticks, you can find nearly every type of animal video imaginable on the platform. Of course, it’s not always about the laughs. There are YouTube channels that aim to inform us about animal care, interesting cat behavior, exotic species, and much, much more!


While television content might be a broad term, it’s the best way to describe all of the love animals have been getting in front of the camera. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably heard of iconic TV channels like Animal Planet and National Geographic. While one of these doesn’t explicitly focus on animals, both of these popular channels heavily feature animals in their natural habitats around the world. If you’re in it to learn something new, then there’s no better place to turn than here.

The main purpose of these channels is to be informative. They mainly showcase documentaries that delve into the routines of various species, from the depth of the oceans to dense jungle regions. The most intriguing thing you’ll find on these channels is undoubtedly the documentaries on some of the strangest animal species out there! Of course, this isn’t the only television content where animals make an appearance. All you need to do these days to find great animal-related entertainment is launch Netflix and click play.


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