Blobfish: Habits, Diet and Other Facts


Have you ever stopped to think that there are countless species of animals that you may not even know about? Among these animals, we can find some with very peculiar and exotic characteristics. As an example, the bubble fish.

Have you ever seen a picture of this animal? Or have you heard about it? One thing we can already anticipate is that this fish is not found anywhere, much less on the surface of the oceans.

Basically, it is an animal specific to certain regions, and has as its natural habitat the depths of salty waters.

Who is the bubble fish?


The bubblefish, as its name suggests, is a marine animal. Above all, this fish is a species of the Psychrolutidae family. Its scientific name, by the way, is Psychrolutes marcidus and it is an endemic species to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Basically, this animal has teeth, a gelatinous texture on its exterior and soft bones. Also one of its most striking features is its large head, which helps it float in the depths of the sea.

In addition, it has narrow fins, which help it to move more slowly. And also large, gelatinous eyes, which allow him greater visibility in the dark.

It is worth noting that it is a fish with a low density body. And, because of that, they find it easier to float on the ocean floor.

In fact, they can swim without wasting energy. That's why they survive better at the bottom of the sea.

Another curious fact about the bubblefish is its ability to change its appearance. This happens when it comes to the surface.

In fact, it is precisely because of these characteristics that he is considered by many to be the ugliest and most exotic animal in the world. After all, it has a weirder appearance than usual, and it becomes even more admirable when it's taken out of the water.

Beginning of fame as the ugliest fish in the world

It is noteworthy that the bubblefish was discovered in mid-2003 after some scientists got together to search for fish and invertebrate species in the Tasman Sea. Above all, these scientists discovered a large number of species, which inhabit those waters at a depth of more than 2,000 meters.

Among the many peculiar marine species found was the bubblefish. However, its fame as the ugliest fish in the world only appeared in 2013. That is, 10 years after its discovery.

Basically, this fame started with an international competition. The competition, incidentally, was promoted by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society's (International Society for the Preservation of the Ugly Animal), and featured numerous animals, one more different and exotic than the other. However, even with so many specimens, the bubblefish – with its surly appearance – won as the ugliest of all.

Above all, after years of reign, the bubblefish was “unmasked”. That is, some scientists have discovered the truth about the ugliness of this fish. And the truth is, he's not as ugly as we thought.

Why is it known as the “international farce”?

A priori, we have already explained why it is considered the ugliest animal in the world. However, now is the time to talk, that maybe he is not so ugly and different.

First, as we've said, bubblefish can live on the seabed, usually 600 to 1,200 meters below the surface. At this depth, the pressure is 100 times greater compared to the surface. Furthermore, it is a benthic species, with temperate waters, between 3 and 9 °C.

As such, he almost never climbs into clear areas, less than 300 meters deep. So much so that it has flexible bones and soft flesh like gelatin, to be able to withstand the pressure of the water on the seabed.

Therefore, as he is not used to going to the surface, his appearance changes when he emerges from the depths.

That is, the bubblefish has two appearances: the normal one, when it is in the depths of the ocean, and the gelatinous one, when it moves to the surface of the water. This happens precisely because of the low pressure that the surface of the water has.

Basically, when he was brought by scientists to the surface of the water, the low atmospheric pressure made his body swell and have a softer, more gelatinous texture. However, in its natural habitat, deep in the ocean, it is similar to a normal and any fish.


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